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Virginia Hardwick is an Arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association. Ms. Hardwick is committed to fair, thorough and efficient resolution of disputes. All parties to an arbitration deserve an unbiased evaluation of their claim or defense. Ms. Hardwick’s knowledge of the law and depth of experience representing both employees and employers makes her well situated to evaluate disputes fairly, dispassionately, and honestly. Her aim is to pinpoint the critical issues, to allow discovery as needed on central issues while limiting unnecessary expense, and to help the parties avoid battles over collateral issues. She is respectful of parties, counsel, and witnesses, understanding that every dispute is of great importance to the people involved.

Ms. Hardwick also conducts mediations of employment-related disputes. Her deep knowledge of the law and litigation experience allow her to credibly assess the strengths and weaknesses of disputes that will be litigated if not resolved. She brings empathy, along with a calm and firm demeanor, to help parties find a mutually workable resolution.


Tiffanie Benfer is an Arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association. Ms. Benfer serves as an arbitrator on employment matters regarding Federal and State laws, employment agreements, and common law protections. Ms. Benfer’s extensive experience representing employers and employees provides her with the unique perspective to evaluate employment disputes. Ms. Benfer believes inassisting parties in resolving their disputes through analternative process to litigation that isfair and efficientand affords the parties an opportunity to be heard.